Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sexy Hot Filipino Women - Justene Jaro Topless

Sexy Hot Filipino Women - Justene Jaro

Sexy Hot Filipino Women - Justene Jaro Topless

When I think of Filipino women, I don’t typically think of curvy, big breasted women with killer bodies (Sorry Filipinas). Leave it to Penthouse to prove me wrong. Justene Jaro is one of the sexiest Filipina women alive. As I mentioned, Justene was a Penthouse Pet. Actually, she was the October 2008 Penthouse Pet.

This picture is just spectacular. It shows off her large tits really well. We’ll get to that in a second. Her face just screams that she is in complete pleasure and ecstasy. She’s looking at you through the corner of her eyes that are piercing right through you. Her mouth is open just slightly which shows how much pleasure she’s getting. OK, now onto those spectacular breasts. As I mentioned earlier, they are beautifully big. They look quite firm with the nipples being just hard enough. You absolutely just want to stick them in your mouth. Then you can see her tiny waist and tight ass. Also, in this picture, she’s leaning back on what seems to be an airplane or bus seat. This adds to the public place fetish. Spectacular!
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