Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sexy Hot Filipino Women - Jennifer Barrientos

Sexy Hot Filipino Women - Jennifer Barrientos

Sexy Hot Filipino Women - Jennifer Barrientos

Jennifer Barrientos is a beauty queen that represented the Philippines in the Miss Universe beauty pageant in 2008. She did not place in the top 15.

Now I typically like to showcase women that, although amazingly beautiful, show a sweet and inviting nature through their pictures which makes them even more attractive. Jennifer is no such girl. Or, at least, this picture doesn’t show that. This photo was so amazing, however, that I just had to include it. Looking at her, she seems everything but sweet but her rockin body makes up for that in spades.

Looking at her, you can see how she is extremely fit and has a rock hard body. You can see this by looking at her abs and the rest of her toned body. You can also see that in this particular pose, she is bent over, but not an ounce of imperfections to be seen. Her legs are exquisite with a nice tone. Her breasts are appropriate for her frame and her skin tone is soft and smooth. Her facial features are very striking as well. Her eyes seem to pierce right through you and everything else seems perfect. Her lips, however, are what draw me in.

Filipino women do not typically have full lips like, say the French women do. Jennifer has extremely full lips and they are exquisite. Unfortunately, she’s not smiling in this picture, which would make it perfect.

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