Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sexy Hot Filipino Women - Cristine Reyes

Sexy Hot Filipino Women - Cristine Reyes

Sexy Hot Filipino Women - Cristine Reyes

Cristine Reyes is an amazingly sexy Filipino actress. Born Ara Christine Pascual Reyes in 1989 (such a baby), she got her big break in acting when she starred in the reality show, “Starstruck”. She has also starred in television shows such as: Banana Split, Kahit Isang Saglit, and Eva Fonda. Now Cristine is not only limited to television, mind you. She has starred in a number of movies. Some of the hits have been: Working Girls 2010, Patient X, and Beautiful Life.

This girl could be filmed baking bread and it would sell which is apparent in this picture from a popular men’s magazine. Her hair is full and wavy. It shows that she’s definitely having a good time and shows a bit of the party girl in Cristine. Her eyes, however, although beautiful, look a bit disinterested. This is most definitely a shame since I like to see beautiful women with tiger eyes… ready to attack. She makes up for it with her lips. They are full, soft, and, er, ready for action. She has nice soft Asian skin all over that this picture shows off quite well. What this photo also shows off well are her nice large breasts. They’re held together by this skimpy bikini but you can definitely see them in all their glory. What you also see are her rock hard abs, firm butt, and slender legs.

By far, Cristine is the sexiest Filipina showcased in this blog to date.

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